Nevermore Toys & Games

About Us
I never imagined  that I would be a toy store owner, and yet here I am.

But first, introductions. I am Brit Boyd,and Nevermore Toys & Games is my new endeavour. A tabletop gamer, nerd, and joy enthusiast, I am a  transplant from the east (Ontario) to this lovely corner of British Columbia known as the Sunshine Coast.

A traditional toy store may seem like a odd place to do it, but Brit is excited to share her plans to create an accessible, friendly community space in Gibsons for games, art, and play.

Brit has always loved toys and the magic of childhood and has a passion to create spaces for creative expression and play. She has worked at Giggle n' Bloom (Nevermore's former name) since 2013, and has enjoyed bringing the joy of play to many families on the coast. Having worked as a special needs one to one support worker, a birth doula, and a graphic artist Brit loves to support families in her town any way she can. 

Together I  hope to build a magical corner in our great community at Nevermore Toys & Games. I look forward to seeing you in the store soon! 
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